Quality Testing Lab provides a statutory structural integrity inspections/assessment on Lifting and Hoisting equipment as part of client’s risk assessment program/annual survey and to meet legal/safety requirements for periodic inspections. Periodic inspection is intended to determine the need for repair or replacement of components to keep the lifting equipment/loose gears and to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for use with all applicable jurisdictions, standards and regulations. After thorough Inspections/Proof Load testing of lifting equipment with satisfactory result, documents of certifications/third party evaluation assessments can be issued in accordance with the local jurisdictions, standards or those of the destinations of the lifting device.

A sound examination of lifting equipment and lifting accessories makes a decisive contribution towards functional safety when operating lifting equipment and lifting accessories.

Our vast experience includes specialist programs for cranes, hoists, loose lifting equipment, offshore equipment, overhead and other structures, forklifts trucks, lorry mounted, tower cranes and mobile cranes.

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